What is actually Art Therapy?

Let´s go to some theory about Art Therapy…

What is Art therapy?

Artherapy is a form of expressive therapy that uses the creative process of making art to improve a person´s physical, mental and emotional well-being. The creative process involved in expressing one´s self can help people to manage their behaviour and feelings, resolve issues, reduce stress and improve self-esteem and awareness. – arttherapyblog.com

Who is it for?

Art therapy is for everyone. You don´t need any extra talent to express yourself by art. Try to look at it as a hobby. That was my way how I have started. I love drawing and painting but I have never gone studding arts.  Somehow I was always curious about my own reactions and behaviour and wanted to get to know myself better as sometimes I did unexpected things and couldn´t understand why. Sometimes I wanted to do different thing in my mind but my body just reacted opposite. Then life experiences came and I needed to find a way how to manage my emotions and express inner pressure I felt. That was a time I have started drawing and painting, came back to music, change my life completely to be more authentic me. We all deserve to be authentic, to be ourselves and happy. Unfortunately until we won´t accept ourselves the way we are we can´t accept others and be truly happy. I am still on my journey, but there are many journeys of others which fit to mine and mine to their. This Blog represents one journeys which might be for some time fitting in your life journey.

What can I get from it?

I don´t know if you have ever experienced that, but I sometimes feel a lot of inner pressure and I need to release this pressure somehow. Other times I feel stacked and can´t get energy or myself moving again. Sometimes I get caught with too many thoughts and get overwhelmed.  Sometimes it gets tougher and my mind doesn´t let me do anything I feel no inspiration, no happiness, I feel nothing or just emptiness inside. Sometimes I feel useless and alone. To cope through all this stages I use art therapy as one of the most working techniques to be more present and come back to my authentic self.

Next time I will show you some techniques where to start if it is your first touch with art-therapy or you can find some more inspiration for your already therapeutic journey.


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