What masquerade mask revels about you? (part 1.)

Today I would like to show you one of the techniques what you can use for your own self-therapy. We will be making masks and the way you make it can reveal a lots from your subconscious what can help you more understand yourself.


When use this craft making?

You can use this therapeutic craft whenever you want and feel. It is great way how to relax and cope once you feel anxious. It can help you to stop overthinking and just be present in the moment. It is great when you feel no motivation, sadness because again it takes your focus to something creative and away from your thought. It makes you present. You can use it as tool of better self-understanding because the way you create your mask will let you uncover a little bit more about yourself.

What you will need:

  • Masquerade mask tape (you can find the shape for free here)
  • Any kind of Glue (good to use PVG glue, Pritt, Dovecraft craft glue, united office glue)
  • Paints, crayons, coloured pens etc. (whatever you find)
  • Any kinds of papers – coloured, textured, designed, shiny, plane (whatever catch your eye)
  • Anything else what you can stick on paper (glitters, bottoms etc.)
  • Flexible string (if you want to tight it around the head – it is not necessary)


There is not right or wrong way how to make your mask, neither design you should use. As more you let your imagination flow as better results you will get.

  1. First thing is to cut the shape – try to use harder paper according to your colour preference
  2. Decorate the mask the way you want
  3. Tight the string to the mask and around your head – this step is not necessary, your mask can represent metaphoric mask, just to help you uncover more from your subconscious.

Once you´re making your mask try to relax, don´t think too much make your time or creative craft session with your friends. In reality meaning what you will uncover is not as much important as the time spent creating something. You let your creativity flow and making the mask is its own relaxing and therapeutic session itself.

In next article I will uncover some symbols and signs you can look for once your mask is finished to help you understand its meaning.

Feel free to send me pictures of your masks or any questions in comments.

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