Try Colouring books

Colouring books happened to be phenomena of past couple of years. You can find them in every bookshop, magazine shop or even in Tesco. Colouring is an amazing way how to deal with our emotions. Carl Gustav Jung was first one who related colours to emotions inspired by mandalas from eastern culture. Today you can find many different shapes and themes.


It might seem stupid or even unnecessary to colour something. We are not children anymore so why we should do such a thing as colouring. Sometimes we are so focused on our plans and goals, living very stressful life, where is no place for expressing or even acknowledging emotions inside of us. Colouring is a great way how to get those emotions out. It is not even important get them analysed after as it is important to colour. Colouring helps you to be calmer, helps with anxiaty or depression as you get your fear or sadness on the paper.


Try to get some colouring book and just colour. I feel much calmer once I finish colouring. All stuffed emotions inside got on the paper even I don´t know what those emotions were.  Colouring can begin process of your own self-awareness. You let your soul talking.


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