Do you even know you are anxious?

This time the article might get a little bit more personal. One day I would like to be a therapist and I think every therapist needs to go through sort of cleaning process of herself/himself to understand his clients. I go through this process as well to experience different mental statements to understand.

Today I would like to talk about anxiety. There were times in my life where I felt huge anxiety because of life circumstances. Feeling anxious time before exam, changing job or other life changes is very common and we all feel that way sometimes. Other times though can anxiety take control and this common fear happens to be unbearable scary ghost undertaking our life without even asking. The worst part is that we might not even realize what we are feeling and the name of it is anxiety. This inner stress and fear makes us see the world in totally different shapes and colours. We might even think we are getting crazy, paranoid, scared of our own shadow. If we don´t know what is going on we might try hide this problems, overcome them somehow, calm ourselves and our never stopping mind.

Drugs, alcohol, nicotine might became first help how to silent that fear inside of us. Fear we might not even know to name it. Anxiety came to me as well as unwelcomed guest. I was always social smoker but this time I became smoking on daily basis. That was the sign for me something´s different and is not going probably the best way. In a time I have realized that there must be something bigger triggering taste for things I have never had as much before. It lasted couple of months when after I have started drawing and painting what gave me calming feeling without need to smoke a cigarette or have a beer with friends after work. That was a time I have found benefits of art – therapy without even knowing it is a therapy. In a time it helped me to give up of social smoking what I was doing for years. And in a time I have realized I have anxiety, which is the name for the feeling I have inside of me. Once I named it was easier to start looking for coping mechanisms.

Stressful period of my life what I was going through took its tall but I learnt a lot about myself in this process. Anxiety even helped me to direct my life different and more enjoyable way where I felt my real calling is. I learnt something very important that time, that anxiety can be first step to build some kind of addiction. Drugs, alcohol, nicotine might be first aid help. Very often can this help become a habit and then addiction. And it is not the fact that the person wouldn´t be strong enough. Actually the ones who face it are the strongest ones. Basically life is sometimes very hard and there is a lot of individuals who can become trapped with anxiety without even realising it. It is curable thing and there is many mechanisms how to learn to cope and enjoy life in its fullest.

Here is one useful page what came to me, where is explained a little bit more about connection between anxiety and addictions.

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