Collage -thoughts out of your head

This little technique might be helpful if you feel overwhelmed by thoughts in your head. I like doing collages in busy times where I feel stressed and there is way too much going on in my life. This is great way how to take this thoughts out of my head and have a bit of relaxed and creative time.

This exercise is part of 100 art therapeutic exercises what I introduced in last article.

You can choose any size you want as any style you want. It is up to you what pictures you will include to the collage as it is up to you how you decorate the rest. Idea is put pictures in the shape of head (your head) and pictures represent more and less your thoughts (struggles, goals, desires etc.) or whatever are on your mind. The key is not overthink it just take some magazines and cut out what ever catches your attention. Here is again your subconscious talking as well although you will find in your ´head´ mostly pictures what are in your awareness.


Hope you enjoy this art therapeutic technique as I did.

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