How to deal with stuffed emotions? Paint it out!

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by emotions? One girl once broke up with her boyfriend. Days after she felt like being in a cloud. She cried, she talked about it but she was still miserable. Amount of emotions was still stacked inside until she took watercolours and started painting.


We all have sometimes down days, something happened to us, boss shouted us at work, boyfriend broke up with us or we just lost direction in our life. Sensitive people experience emotions very intensely and very often just good talk doesn´t help.

Emotions are the way our body copes with events and situations.

Thanks to them we are alive. Unfortunately we don´t always want to feel negative emotions so we stuffed them deep inside. Worst way how to build serious damage on our mental health and coping mechanism.

She was painting hours and found her new passion. She realized something new though. She was happier. All those stuffed emotions got out on the paper and she felt freer.

Do you want to process your emotions in unpainful way? Paint them out.


Watercolours are probably the best as they´re nicely mixing together and you don´t need to think about any concrete shapes. Just take water and paints put headphones on with favourite music and get lost in the moment. I guarantee you will feel better afterwards maybe even like the huge stone felt out from your heart.


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