Draw with eyes closed

Have you ever tried to draw with your eyes closed? Hands just dancing on the paper, picking up randomly different colours, not knowing what is going to appear on the paper.

We use our analytical mind almost every minute since morning to going to sleep. The coat she´s wearing looks nice, should I make this or that recipe, these colours together make nice match. Mind is talking all the time to everything because we can see what we are doing, select and put categories on objects in front of our eyes. What if we try to close them and just let go?

Pick up your piece of paper, couple of colourful pencils in front of you, put some music or speech on close your eyes and just draw.

It might feel uncomfortable at first but once you let go and stop thinking if the Picture will be pretty you start enjoying the feeling of letting go.

I loved that suddenly I could let my hands go without trying to correct movements of my hand. My logical and analytical mind just had to shut up because couldn´t see if the lines are matching if the colour selection looks good.


Colours are subconscious reflections of our emotions so here you have a chance to draw out your own emotions on even deeper level.

Good luck and let me know how the exercise felt for you.


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