Hands to your past and future.

4Today I would like to show you very simple and easy artistic and therapeutic technique what might give you better perspective what is happening in your life and where you put your focus and values into.

It can bring clarity into your life.

Draw your two hands on the paper. One of them will represent past and one present or future. Colour hands with pencils, watercolours or use whatever you want. Into every finger write one or two words representing your goals/feelings/people etc. Draw and colour the way you feel to.

Hands can give you look into your past, what you straggled with and comparing with your present how you progressed. Future can give you an idea about your dreams and goals or where you would like to be going.

This is very good arty exercise if you feel lost and you are struggling with future directions. It can bring clarity into your awareness. You realise what you want to leave behind and what you want to pursue.



This is great way how to relax and let your creative flow express itself 🙂

Keep your ´hands´ and maybe one day in few months or even years have a look and you might be surprised that your dreams came true or that you left your past behind.

Have fun on your another step at your journey.

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