Mindful Tree painting – can reveal who you are

Tree is very old symbol often chosen by artists who incorporate it in many different ideas, emotions or themes. We can find trees across the cultures symbolising strength, family, bridge in between physical and spiritual. Famous Tree of Life is well known symbol across the world. Carl Gustav Jung brings the symbolism of the tree closer trough psychological understanding. According to him tree is an image of spiritual development. As every tree is different so is every each of us. Unique. Painting tree is not only relaxing experience or artistic practise but can as well tell you something more about yourself.

When we painted actual tree in the park it became very relaxing and insightful experience. Everyone would paint their tree differently even though we might look on the very same one. Why is that?

You can look at art from very different perspective as soon we use our imagination and we are led by our subconscious. It becomes something mysterious and interesting because it becomes your very own deep expression. It becomes something personal in the most positive way.  I offer you to experience it for yourself.

Today I will give you little insight to tree symbolism.

But first thing you need to do is to paint your tree. You shouldn´t know what the outcome is before actual painting. The reason is simple. What you want to achieve is to let your subconscious mind talk to you and not manipulate the outcome because than you lost its authenticity.

So just find a paper, some paints or coloured pencils and paint/draw your tree. There are no rules. It can be done any way and style you wish.

Don´t keep reading! Go do it! 🙂


Now when you finish your painting here is some insight to it:


…1. Small in relation to the paper: You are frugal, careful with money and time.

…2. Large in relation to the paper.: You are generous to a fault. You tend to take on more than you can.


…1. Tree in top half of paper: You tend to be and up-in-the-air person, an independent spirit who needs a lot of freedom.

…2. Tree at bottom of page: Indicates a down-to-earth person, practical, sensible and reliable.

…3. Tree in the centre of the page: Indicates a well-organized person, well at planning ahead.

…4. Tree drawn crosswise on the page: Indicates broad mindedness type of person. Open to new ideas.


…1. Tall: You are a tall-thinking person. You aim high and often inspire others.

…2. Pointed top: You are ambitious and like to feel that you are always moving forward.

…3. Tree bent as if blowing in the wind: You tend to be restless, full of energy and often get caught up in the activity around you. …

…4. Short and wide: You are contented, stable, satisfied with your life. If the tree is wide relative to its height, you also tend to be protective of those close to you.


…1. Roots included: The past is important to you. It has a strong influence on the way you live and think. Graceful roots suggest a warm feeling about childhood.

…2. Tree base is open, without roots: You draw strength from the person you are today. A base drawn in a straight line indicates you have cut yourself off from the past.


…1. Wide and sturdy: Indicates strength. You can stand up in adverse circumstances.

…2. Slim and narrow: You are flexible and adaptable.

…3. Trunk is very straight: You tend to be well organized.

…4. Trunk is clear and uncluttered: You are content with your home life. Gnarled, twisted or darkened trunk indicates an unhappy home situation.

…5. Knothole drawn: You are forgiving. And if the knothole is dark, you tend to be forgiving of others weaknesses, but have a hard time forgiving your own.


…1. Drawn as fluffy cotton ball – Indicates a warm, gracious person, contented with life and comfortable to be around.

…2. Simple, round top: You tend to be private and like to keep to yourself.

…3. Winter tree, branches without leaves: You are honest. How things are done is more important to you than the final result.

…4. Summer tree with swirls and curves suggesting leaves: Indicates that you care more about the end ` result than the methods used to accomplish the task.

…5. Tree without branches and leaves: Indicates a well-rounded person who cares both about the end result and the methods used to achieve it.

…6. All branches up: You are forward-looking and more interested in the future than the past.

…7. Branches spread out in all directions: Indicates an outgoing person who reaches out to others. …8. Treetop with a lot of lines: Indicates energy and movement. You like to keep busy. If lines are very tangled, you may be confused about where your life is going. Sometimes you feel like you are just spinning your wheels.

…9. Each individual leaf is drawn: You tend to be methodical and like things well organized.

…10. Tree looks cut off at the top: You are holding yourself back and can’t progress in the direction you want to go.


…1. Any extra features: You are aware of things going on around you.

…2. Fruits and nuts: You want your home to be a comfortable place

…3. Grass: You want your home to be a comfortable place.

…4. Flowers: Beauty is important to you and you like to fill your home with beautiful things.

…5. Birds, animals, people: You are kind, warm hearted and like to be with people.

…6. Sun: Indicates an optimistic outlook.

…7. Clouds: Indicates expectations of sorrow and disappointment.

…8. A swing: Indicates you enjoy life and find fun in all you do.


Did you find it to be helpful? Have you learnt something about yourself? How was your experience?

Let me know in the comments.

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