Creativity needs space

I bet you know that feeling, that need of cleaning house and space you live in to feel lighter. Even threw away some staff because the space just feels so heavy.

I personally tidy up almost always when I make conscious/subconscious change in my life. I get the need to clear the space not only from the clutter but as well get Ready for the change.

It is symbolic.

We clean outside in order to change something inside. I am not talking about every week tidying up. You kinda know and feel when it is initiated by some serious change. Usually this kind of cleaning is deeper, more thorough and involves quite a bit of binning staff away.

By tiding on outside level we are creating space inside in our heads.

Sometimes though that is not enough. It is a first and very important step but our minds usually don´t clear out only by this process, especially if there is some significant amount of clutter which needs to be dealt with and processed.

I would like to bring to you in few articles few amazing tools which help exactly with creating space for yourself and your inspiration.

Let me introduce the first one.

Today this is my second article I am writing and words just flow. Last week was very different story. My head was spaced out I couldn´t focus, I couldn´t hold a thought.

Let me tell you what changed.

Even though I did quite a bit of arty staff, journaling, counselling, self-awareness questionning, nature walking (which all helped in the process as without those things it wouldn´t come up) I couldn´t reach something deep what needs to be processed and dealt with and bring it into my consciousness.

It was bothering me for some time and now finally it got a green light to come up.

I went through all possible stages of denial, not willingness to face my feelings, pretending everything is fine. And it all was keeping me in dark and holding me back. There is no blame or guilt though as that´s kinda a natural process with especially deep feelings which we might not truly face for many years.

Last drop and what finally brought it up was online collage group therapy.

What a simple tool yet so powerful. I believe the group element has one undeniable powerful impact which I myself wouldn´t believe in so strongly if I wouldn´t try it.

I believe we always get what we are ready for and I was lucky enough to come across with 2 skilled woman who run the sessions.

After cutting out some words and pictures sticking them on the piece of paper all those feelings got green light to come up and I got a chance to process something important and let go of it (if not completely at least big part of it).

And then I was ready to create completely different picture which helped me to move forward to much brighter present. Everything was happening on totally subconscious level which was free of any possible control I would like to put into it. And that is exactly what made it so powerful and successful.

Sharing element within the group just helped to talk things out and observe my feelings.

Individual or group collage is definitely one of the tools. To find out more visit here and get in touch with Tess or Monika.

What else can we do in order to clear out the clutter in our head?

Next time I would like to tell you few words about an amazing tool I came across lately called ´Souletters´. You get a simple task to answer for yourself one question every day. This question comes directly to you from your soul into your mailbox. But that is for the next one. Can´t wait to tell you more.

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