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As I mentioned last time I am bringing you another tool which can create more space for your creativity and help with ´getting to know yourself better´. This tool was created by my friend Bastian (@bearonawalk) who happens to be a great coach as well.

Nowadays there is just so much staff about self-growth and self-awareness that one doesn´t even know where to start. The only good start is from ourselves. It is simple all you need to do is become aware of yourself.

Who are you really?

Yet only the journey through life and all those experiences can bring us there. One of those experiences is trying to get to know ourselves better. From all possible angels and in all possible shapes.

´Ah okay so this is me as well. This is the way I react in such situation. This is the trigger I still have. Why do I feel this emotion? Where is it coming from? ´


You basically become an observer of yourself. Once you start doing that it will just lead you farther. You start to ask questions. Why am I doing this? What is purpose of such reaction? Who am I really?

And you start a search for answers and one day you realise that all the answers are and always has been inside of you. But often you wouldn´t find out without the journey without the search for them.

Why am I even talking about such topic? I guess that is my way to bring you something very simple and easy which can bring a value into your life and can maybe be part of your journey. I´ve tried it myself and am still doing it every single morning, basically first thing when I wake up.

It´s called Souletters and I am amazed by it.

Personally I gave up of anything what is not pure ´get to know yourself´. Not that those things wouldn´t work, they do, but they don´t serve my journey anymore.

The name obviously triggers a thought that it must have something to do with messages from our soul. It truly does. It is one simple question from your soul for yourself coming straight to you every day. All you need to do is answer the question for yourself or you can share it with others if you want to. That´s all.

The first step to recieving and answer is being brave enough to ask a question

Sounds simple doesn´t it?

So how come it is so great?

Aren´t often the simplest things the best and most valuable ones?

The power of Souletters lies in its simplicity. Only few minutes of a day, only an answer to one question can start shifting your perception closer to your real authentic self. After two weeks I did see it´s working. I´ll be honest I was surprised.

It takes me not more then 2-3 minutes every morning to answer the question. After some time, you just notice that you are starting thinking slightly differently and things you haven´t thought of for long are coming up. All those things are actually very good ones, the ones which are truly important to you and authentic. Slowly you start to listen to yourself more and following more authentic path.

It’s very simple way how to reflect. I´ve realised that this simple reflection helps me process many things and see things in different light.

It is not exactly arty tool, but it is definitely therapeutic. Honestly nothing is staying in your way to draw maybe a little illustration around your answer to the question 🙂

Go try it yourself 👉

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