What is your place in the world

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At the beginning of this week I have promised you arty exercise which will help you to make greater sense about your role in the world.

So here it is…


Take a paper and write 6 themes/people which make you happy or feeling supported. It can be one person or it can be whole family. It can be your hobby or theme as ´humour´. It doesn´t really matter. You can decide whatever you find in your life what makes you happy or feeling supported.

Put paper aside you will not need it next to you for the rest of the exercise.

Once you have all 6 things written on the paper, chose 7 colours. One is going to be YOUR colour and then the rest place for each theme (make a dot next to each word). After that take same coloured paints. If you have a huge life size paper even better (but if not, don´t let it put you off, just use normal paper whatever size you can find). Draw yourself on the paper (you can ask someone to help you draw around you or you can just do it yourself specially if it is on smaller size paper). It just needs to be simple outline of the person.

Take your 7 paints.

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Firstly, take the colour of yourself and draw a dot in the middle (red dot on the picture). Then just pick up colours random and paint however it feels right (try to remember what was the first colour you picked up).

Do it before you read the rest! Because you could then consciously manipulate outcome and the exercise wouldn´t be effective.

Once you are finished, have a look at you themes and what colours you place next to them. Which theme was the first colour you used?

If you have someone around talk to them about that theme or just think about it yourself. It can give you an insight or release some emotions around it which eventually might make you feel happy.

Let me know how it went. 💭

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