What is actually Art Therapy?


This whole blog is dedicated to mindful art therapy. Why do I consider it so important and would like to bring its value to you as well?

Let me explain today few facts about art therapy, why it is good to practice and why I have decided to undertake journey of mindful art.

What is Art therapy?

Definition of art therapy goes as follows:

It is form of expressive therapy that uses the creative process of making art to improve a person´s physical, mental and emotional well-being. The creative process involved in expressing one´s self can help people to manage their behaviour and feelings, resolve issues, reduce stress and improve self-esteem and awareness. – arttherapyblog.com


Who is it for?

Art therapy is for everyone.

We don´t need any extra talent to express ourself in artistic way. It´s been years now since I have started digging into art and therapy. It has started as self-expression and coping mechanism and slowly art became my passion and I have realised that art therapy can be used for anyone to not only as a helping buddy with their struggles but as well start-up of an authentic inspiration.

Somehow I was always curious about my own reactions, behaviour and reactions of others and I wanted to get to know myself better as sometimes I did unexpected things and couldn´t understand why.

My self-reflective journey has been present since I can remember so the counselling journey has been obvious choice. We all reflect time to  time on what we said or have done and how past experiences sheped us.

Then life experiences appeared and that was a time I have started drawing and painting and discovered endless inspiration and peace. We all deserve to be authentic, to be ourselves and happy. I am still on my journey and probably always will be.

Can you relate to that as well?

What can One get from mindful art?

Article photos

I don´t know if you have ever experienced that, but sometimes I felt stacked and couldn´t get energy moving again, I felt as all inspiration has gone away pressure of the life got into such routine that the life slowly disappeared.

One can get overwhelmed by such feelings.

Sometimes life’s experiences are difficult to cope with or just one can feel something is missing. To cope through all this stages mindful art therapy can be one of the most working techniques to find lost balance once again.

I believe that every human being has a source of inspiration within which is just not always accessible because of all those layers of conditioning and expectations. But this is going more into psychology realm again which is at the end very connected.

Why is it important to be authentic?

4Throughout our lives we play a lot of roles and fulfil our and others expectations. As long we are balanced and all these are in tune with ourselves we feel happy and content.

But let’s be honest I haven´t met a person who wouldn´t have some sort of struggles in some periods of their life. The life our society lives is often very imbalanced.

Demands at work are stressful and aimed mostly on achievements, so is education maybe even personal environment can be stressful. Art is a tool which can help us come back to present come back to our authenticity and balanced life.

Once we become authentic we are just who we are we don´t need to pretend and deny our own or others feelings and their way of being. We become happy and content in our bodies in our lives in our minds.

Isn´t that great state of being?

If you don´t agree that´s okay maybe this journey is not for you then. If you do and you would like to be creative stay tuned 🙂

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