Do arty exercise every week and this will happen

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Art exercises…

But I am NOT artistic!

Why should I do them at all??

Last time I have mentioned that doing arty exercises can shift a little (or a lot) our perception.

The reason is that through these kind of exercises we let our right site of the brain talk. Usually the society we live in demands use of our left site of the brain, which is analytical, logical, scientific, numeric, solutions oriented, memorising and so on. The right site unless we are artistic oriented or we do something creative is often abandoned.

Peter is highly motivated analytical manager who used to be a heart of the company. Everybody found him to be very responsible and felt motivated by him.

But now everything changed.

Peter is referred to counselling because of the struggles he experiences at work. He doesn´t perform as before. He is not interested not only in company progress but either in any work relationships. Peters life has been led most of the time by left site of his brain. Demands of the job were very high and in long-term unbearable.

To live balanced life, we need both sites of the brain.

It´s nothing new that children need to learn art or music in order to understand math, because otherwise the brain doesn´t develop correctly. Later in life for some reason many of us stop enjoying artistic and creative activities and often we slip into merely logic way of living. Unless we pick up some hobby which doesn´t necessarily has to be artistic but somewhat therapeutic.

Walk in the nature.

Laugh at the dinner.

Long bath at the evening.

Deep talk with close friend.

We are designed to know what it is what helps us to be balanced. We just don´t always listen because of the conditions creating overwhelming thoughts which we have adapted throughout the life.

The process of development doesn´t entirely stops though, because we experience a lot of things throughout our lives which somehow need to be processed.

Yet we stop processing them and we get stuck in repeating loop of past experiences without moving pass them. Any kind of artistic exercise or deep talk or journaling or other therapeutic tools help us process these experiences and our perception shifts. In time patterns stop repeating themselves, the cycle is completed and we can enter another one. Our linear brain doesn´t always understand this, but it is as a spiral always moving upwards.

I would like to show you why is art good for you and your brain.

There is few believed truths and scientific discoveries when comes to development of children brain thanks to artistic activities. Is it possible that same way is developed adult brain as well?

Let´s have a look.

6 ways art and craft helps children learn and how they can help adults

  • Enables brain development

It is well known that children create much more brain connections then adults. Art is helping them to connect all different parts of their brain. Once we enter adult life these connections (synapses) are less present but that doesn´t mean they don´t exist anymore. Artistic activities can reactivate to certain degree new brain connections.

  • Creates shared experience

Art can be a tool how to bring family, partners, friends together. It can be a simple painting session in your garden or arty picnic afternoon in the park. As less judgment on the outcome there is present as more fun it can be. Get huge piece of the paper some liquid paints and do something abstract together.

  • Helps to express ourselves

Sometimes it is not easy put our feelings into words. Once I read that considering art as unimportant part of society is as foolish as saying that we don´t need a language. Art is a language because often in art are expressed opinions, feelings, perceptions of the world which are not able to be captured by words. Art is us and we are art.

  • Unlocks problem solving skills

Even though this one applies mostly for children it can be same beneficial for adults. Being creative as mentioned before engage different parts of our brain and these can be essential in problem solving situation. Art can be a tool in stressful and overwhelming times, just simply materialise our stress into colours and shapes can ease the pressure. Creating a mind map with colours and pictures around certain problem can give us answer and different connection and perspective which might be very helpful.

  • Builds confidence

With good guidance art can be a great fun how to learn making mistakes. Having non-judgmental environment there we can learn how to ´let go´ ´trust the process´ and ´make mistakes´. Art is one of the best ways to do so because often from mistake can arise something beautiful just for the fact that art doesn´t have limits or ´rights´ and ´wrongs´ as many other subjects might have.

  • Develops math skills

Again maybe more for children yet adults can benefit as well. Creating shapes taps into that part of the brain which we use for problem solving on deeper level for example in maths. We might not become math geniuses but doing some pattern art can help us with some more down to the earth day to day activities involving problem solving.

Sometimes I wander where we left the care for our balanced development once we reach adult life. It never really ends but only continues farther.

If you still wander if art can be any good for you, pick up some crayons or pastels and just draw. If the process itself doesn´t bring any enjoyment or relaxed feeling than maybe it truly is not for you but you won´t know until you try 🙂

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Get your exercise sheet here:

If you are LEFT HANDED click here and print the drawing
If you are RIGHT HANDED click here and print the drawing

Let me know hoe it went in the comments – feel free to share your pictures 🙂

*inspiration and exercise taken from:



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