What Masquerade mask revels about you (2. part)

Here comes second part about Masquerade masks. Read this article only if you have done your mask already or you are not interested in the meaning of completed mask.

In this article I am going to mark some main symbols and what to look for once your mask is finished to understand what your subconscious is trying to tell you. Before that I need to tell you one important thing…


Your subconscious is your subconscious.

People from outside world can relate certain symbols to certain meanings according to mostly cultural background and symbols used in the culture they were raised in but we all have our own personal meaning for colours, shapes etc. according to our previous experience and believes. For example dragon will hold different meaning in Europe and western culture, than in Asian and east culture. The same symbol will have different or softer and harder meaning for someone who is Christian and for someone who is atheist. Same symbol will have different meaning for someone who experiences happy or sad situation related to the shape or colour. For example someone can relate black colour to sadness but someone else can relate colour to happy situation.

It is important to keep this in mind. Only thing I can do is give you some clues but as I said your interprations is only yours and you are the person who understands it the best. I will give you more questions what you can work with and ask yourself what it can mean for yourself then some general meanings and labels.

The fact you made a mask is excellent step itself because you had creative and mindfulness session.

Ok let´s have a look to some key characteristic you can read on your mask:

  • What colour did you choose for your mask? How make you feel this colour?
  • What shapes did you stick on the mask? (Stars Circles Flowers Arrows Crosses Feathers etc.) What this shapes evokes, why did you chose them?
  • How does it appear to be, what do you feel looking at the mask? Is it happy mask or more sad or angry?
  • Did you put some cover over the mask?
  • Did you put any shapes getting off the mask?

For example on the sample you can see on photo are blue shapes coming off the mask looking like tears. It can represent that the person feels sad and is going through some sad things in life.

  • Does mask look like very full or empty or balanced? Is there too much of everything or is there almost nothing?
  • Is mask trying to cover rest of the face?

Now let´s see the actual process of making the mask:

  1. Why you made your mask the way you did?
  2. Did you have any thoughts through the process? If so what did you think about?
  3. How did you feel during the process? Were you relaxed? Did you feel frustrated?
  4. Did you enjoy creating the mask?

By thinking about this questions you can come up with ideas and answers what were until now hidden to your awareness.

Feel free to share your thoughts or actual pictures of your masks. And read you in next therapeutic technique article.

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