Who Am I?

83 cropHallo and welcome!

Who looks outside, dreams Who looks inside, awakes. – Carl Gustav Jung

Jung’s words, which I read in fairly early stages of life and didn’t make much sense to me back then put me on a life journey what led to counselling practice. As a human being I am similarly as you are on the journey through life experiences. As a therapist I am still a human being who just learnt through the training therapeutic theories to assist clients on their journey but my life experiences inform my practice as well.

Before finishing Advanced Diploma in counselling in Edinburgh lived experience, interest in subconscious and attending alternative school focused on Jung’s theories of archetypes and colour therapy together with psychology and philosophy created a path for future counselling practice.

My interest in human psychology has been connected to art and artistic expression as I believe art can be useful tool for opening subconscious patterns and expressing emotions. My love for outdoors sparked idea for walk and talk therapy as the benefit of outdoor environment and walking has been wildly researched with always positive outcomes when comes to mental health specially depression but as well other mental health issues.

During my studies I did placement with 2 charitable organisations where one focused on mental health for adults and the other one for children. During the period of 2 years I gained a valuable knowledge of wide counselling issues in practical level as I worked with people who came with various issues to the therapy room. These included anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, confidence issues, spirituality, family dynamics, relationships issues, gender questions, loss, grief and bereavement, life transitions and more. At the moment I work as a school counsellor and in private practice.

My counselling experience is not based solely on the counselling practice but as well on the work journey through various schools and nursery settings, volunteering with charitable organisations or within support work environments. I met an autistic boy who needed little help to get ready for school on my working path, listened to troubled stories of a special lady while helping her with basic needs in support work or created messy arty activities for a special young girl with dawn syndrome. Every person I met in personal life or worked with became a part of my journey in some way as I maybe became part of their story.

I work from pluralistic integrative approach what means that according to your individuality I try to fit the best possible approach for you in your own pace as a collaborative work of finding what works best for you. My three core therapeutic background theories are person-centred, psychodynamic and CBT. If needed and found suitable I tap into other therapeutic approaches such as Gestalt, Jungian psychoanalysis or art-therapy and others.

Once I finished my official counselling academic journey I have set up my own practice where I offer face to face therapy in heart of Edinburgh, online therapy from comfort of your home and walk and talk therapy for all those who either already recognise its benefits but as well for those who want to try or are already lovers of outdoors.

img_2688For a short period of time I used to offer artistic expressive sessions in Edinburgh Meadows park or charitable Cafe called Forrest cafe. I would offer time, space and material for people interested in artistic expression, quiet time and supportive community. No artistic skills were necessary and one could just get lost in abstract or shaped process of painting either from within their imagination or trying to capture chosen picture. Sessions were not therapeutic but rather free flow of inspiration, energy and expression. The main aim of these session was to offer unjudgmental space and mindfulness for everyone interested in making something creative often with nice and soothing live music in the background. As the pandemic came these activities were no longer possible and unfortunately Forest Café had to close its doors forever.

I believe important step how to find our inner inspiration is to get to know ourselves better. Art is an excellent tool. Mindfulness brings us back to our core and true self. You don´t have to have artistic skills in order to be mindful and express yourself. I haven’t come back to these sessions yet but I would love to be able bringing it back again if I find suitable place and time.

This page can be as well an INSPIRATION for your own journey!

You can find here BLOG where I share a little insights into counselling process, art-therapy and possible tools you can use.

We are all different individuals who need different things and so if none of said here interests you that is okey and maybe this is not for you, but if something sparked your interest please use material provided or be in touch if you would like to work with me.

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance – Aristotle

Other ways to find what I do and get in touch: Psychology Today