Welcome in artherapy world, where you can find useful and inspiring advices how to cope with anxiety, depression and other mental statements through arts. We all get sometimes lost in our life; we sometimes find our own way how to cope, but other times we need a bit of an inspiration.

This page reflects system designed by me (highly sensitive extroverted introvert), who tries find a way how to cope in daily life and have enjoyable experience of life. You will find here general inspiration and articles/strategies designed and tried by myself. It is up to you what you will try and believe in; this is not universal manual for everyone (although everyone can find here inspiration) but mostly can be inspiration for those who can find themselves in terms – highly sensitive extroverted introvert.

I suffer of anxiety and experienced couple of depressive statements myself and know how difficult it can be to cope in daily life. It took me a while to admit that I have a struggle to cope and need to find a way how to be happy. Arts and crafts are helping me to deal with emotions and live fulfilling life. I offer you inspiration to find your way how to transform your biggest inner enemies to your best friends.

I have studied Carl Gustav Jung´s based psychotherapy on Academia Arcana de Tarot in Slovakia (what is a start to my therapeutic career) where I learnt how important is to get to know myself through archetypes, colour therapy, psychology and philosophy. Apart of that there is a lot of self-study through other humans stories but most important through my own life experiences. I believe important step how to manage our inner fears represented by anxiety, depression, low self-confidence/self-esteem is to get to know ourselves better.

If you love arts and crafts I offer you self-guided way how to manage your own fears or something what can be additional self-help element to your therapy. We are all different individuals who need different things and life can seem to be unbearable sometimes so we need to find our way how to be a friend with life see its beauty and start to be happy just where we are.

Be like a unicorn with red horn guiding him to his true-self.

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance – Aristotle