Collage -thoughts out of your head

This little technique might be helpful if you feel overwhelmed by thoughts in your head. I like doing collages in busy times where I feel stressed and there is way too much going on in my life. This is great way how to take this thoughts out of my head and have a bit of relaxed and creative time.

This exercise is part of 100 art therapeutic exercises what I introduced in last article.

You can choose any size you want as any style you want. It is up to you what pictures you will include to the collage as it is up to you how you decorate the rest. Idea is put pictures in the shape of head (your head) and pictures represent more and less your thoughts (struggles, goals, desires etc.) or whatever are on your mind. The key is not overthink it just take some magazines and cut out what ever catches your attention. Here is again your subconscious talking as well although you will find in your ´head´ mostly pictures what are in your awareness.


Hope you enjoy this art therapeutic technique as I did.

100 art-therapy exercises

Lately I was browsing internet to find some inspiration about art-therapy. Today article will be very short but I am sure you will find very useful information for your self-therapeutic journey through arts.

I found this amazing website, where you can get valuable inspiration for your therapeutic sessions and ideas how to even begin. Of course I will be posting more articles here on the blog, but I find this particular article very helpful. You can find there art therapy exercises related to emotions, relaxation, happiness, trauma, calling, self-awareness etc.

There might appear here some of the exercises from article on this page as well as I would like to try them myself and let you know how it went to help you decide if the art therapeutic method is suitable for you.

For now have look there to get some nice inspiration and ideas and let me know if you try some how it goes.

Hands to your past and future.

Today I would like show you very simple and easy artistic and therapeutic technique what might give you better perspective what is happening in your life and where you put your focus and values to.

Draw your two hands on the paper. One of them will represent past and one present or future. Colour hands with pencils, watercolours or use whatever you want. To every finger write one or two words what represent your goals/feelings/people etc. Draw and colour the way you feel to.

Hands can give you look to your past, what you straggled with and comparing with your present how you progressed. Future can give you an idea about your dreams and goals or where you would like to be going.


It is not to even mention this is great way how to relax and let your creative flow come out 🙂

Try Colouring books

Colouring books happened to be phenomena of past couple of years. You can find them in every bookshop, magazine shop or even in Tesco. Colouring is an amazing way how to deal with our emotions. Carl Gustav Jung was first one who related colours to emotions inspired by mandalas from eastern culture. Today you can find many different shapes and themes.


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Emotional vs. physical starving

Today article won´t be about art therapy but it is related to therapy in general especially self-detecting. Very often if we are not able to cope with emotions we try to cope by eating. Imagine stressful day at work, fight with your partner or sad feeling when someone told you something what touched you. I am as well one of the people who cope by eating and have no stoppable taste for chocolate or crisps or whatever is in the fridge.

In one magazine (Psychologie Dnes) I have found useful differences between emotional and physical starving: Read more

First mental health aid (suicide)

Last Saturday I spent on the course about mental health first aid. The course was aimed for young people but many what I learnt is possible to use in ordinary life with adults as well. Most of the time we learnt how to approach suicide.  How to ask the person, what to ask, how to approach, when might be person calling for help.

I am not going to talk about whole course, but I found some information important to share.

When there is alarm beeping?

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