Do you even know you are anxious?

This time the article might get a little bit more personal. One day I would like to be a therapist and I think every therapist needs to go through sort of cleaning process of herself/himself to understand his clients. I go through this process as well to experience different mental statements to understand.

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Emotional vs. physical starving

Today article won´t be about art therapy but it is related to therapy in general especially self-detecting. Very often if we are not able to cope with emotions we try to cope by eating. Imagine stressful day at work, fight with your partner or sad feeling when someone told you something what touched you. I am as well one of the people who cope by eating and have no stoppable taste for chocolate or crisps or whatever is in the fridge.

In one magazine (Psychologie Dnes) I have found useful differences between emotional and physical starving: Read more

Learn to prevent suicide

Evening news once again talk about suicidal case. If you are similar to me, you might start thinking ´how does someone start thinking about suicide?´ or ´How is possible it got so far that the person actually committed suicide?´ Last Saturday I spent on the course about mental health first aid. The course was aimed for young people but a lot what I learnt is possible to use in ordinary life with adults as well.

We might don´t know how to get to the person who might be thinking about suicide. How can we find out there are even such thoughts? How do we ask? What do we say?

I am not going to talk about whole course, but I found some information important to share.

When there is alarm beeping?

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