Creative Therapy

Similarly as face to face talking therapy would be happening creative therapy. We would meet at certain address in the counselling room every week at certain time. There would be 2 chairs and we would talk. The counselling room is in the centre of Edinburgh close to west end of Princess street in the centre. The whole space is used for various forms of massages, Pilates, yoga and so on.


What would be happening in the counselling room?

Basically we would talk and use creative tools throughput the process. The space provided offers confidential space, where you can express your feelings, thoughts and emotions in confidential environment. Depending on your personality and issues bringing to the therapy we can talk only but as well sometimes we can use different tools such as arty tools (drawing, painting) or other creative tools (emotion cards, storytelling, writing etc.). There is no obligation for using arty techniques only if suitable or willing. This is solely up to you according to what works for you and would be a matter of discussion we would have on the initial consultation and throughout the sessions.


Is creative therapy for everyone?

Technically can be. But at this point and time I work only with adult clients and depending on what issues you might be bringing in (read below). Creative approach to the therapy might not be suitable for everyone, but if you feel as this is something you would like to try or feel drawn to that it might suggest it is suitable for you.

Is creative therapy suitable for any mental health issue?

This depends on the therapist. Creative therapy I offer might not be suitable if you have Personality Disorder, or active suicidal adiation or active substances or alcohol addiction or a chaotic lifestyle.

Do I need to be artistically skilled for creative therapy?

No. Creative therapy is not conditioned by artistic skills and even if you have never hold brush in your hand this still can be suitable format for you. Besides drawing and painting what is not limited to any artistic skills creative therapy is as well approach to the therapeutic process and using of other creative therapeutic tools such as storytelling, emotions and other forms of cards, dream work, mindfulness and engaging in creative process as we go and use as well our imagination.

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How much does it cost?

My fee for creative therapy in counselling room is currently 55£ per 60 min session.

Ask Me About ‘Creative Therapy sessions’

Please email me on and let me know what is going for you at the moment and I will get back to you.

If creative therapy is your preferred way of meeting, don’t hesitate to contact me or schedule an ‘initial consultation’ with me: