Online Therapy


Besides face to face sessions and walk and talk meetings I offer online counselling sessions from the comfort of your home.

I understand that going for therapy can bring up anxious feelings. These are natural and we can work with them. Online can feel strange at first but you can work with me from the comfort of your preferred space around your schedule.

If you have a tight schedule or are not sure coming face to face online counselling might be exactly for you. Please see often asked questions regarding online therapy below.

What is difference with in person therapy?

We would meet similar way as with face to face therapy but this would be online and we would meet through the screen. This can be easier for some people or even preferred given that they cannot or don’t want to be coming physically into the counselling room.

Is it confidential enough?

This depends mostly on you and if you make sure you are in confidential space. I use secured online system and we could always discuss any possible concerns around online therapy.

Is online counselling for everyone?

No. Some people find it more suitable and others prefer in person. There is not better or worse but how it fits within your individuality, schedule, travelling or home situation. Online counselling might not be suitable format if you have Personality Disorder this might not be suitable either or if there is active suicidal adiation, an addiction to substances or alcohol or a chaotic lifestyle. Online therapy is not suitable for someone who lives with their abusive partner/member of a family.

What do I need for online counselling?

Given this is happening online and we need to connect you will need a device (preferably computer or tablet) with good internet connection.

How much does it cost?

My fee for online therapy is currently 40£ per 60 min session.

Ask Me About Online Sessions

Please email me on and let me know what is going for you at the moment and I will get back to you. If this is your preferred way of meeting, don’t hesitate to contact me or schedule an ‘initial consultation’ with me:

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