Name your emotions



What comes to your mind when talking about emotions?

Usually we are aware of basic emotions such as anger, sadness, joy, disgust. Luckily nowadays there are coming into awareness anxious, depressed, powerful, scared, distant but still those are just very basic spectrum of emotions we feel. There is much more into every single basic emotion and each of them can be divided into subcategories.

Some people are labelled to be very emotional because they express their emotions in extreme way without properly communicating what they feel then others are labelled to be cold because they don´t express any.

Both cases can be ´guilty´ of not knowing what they are experiencing and not knowing how to express it in healthy way towards the outside world.


Why is it so important to name our emotions?

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Why is it good to paint sometimes?


Do you know that feeling when you´re very stressed there is many expectations from you from every angle you could think of. Work, family, studies, hobbies, friends, partner, yourself. Sometimes it can be hard to balance everything. Finding that sweet spot in the middle where you are still there for those outside but same times taking care of yourself can be difficult task to achieve. Maybe feel overload of tasks you need to do, deadlines which feels never ending and your life happens to be giving almost all your energy only to one direction and that is not balanced state. Every unbalance we feel as stress, anxiety, depression or physical illness.

Why is art so helpful here?

Once came a girl to me saying ´how relaxed time she had that she feels much lighter and happier after painting´. It was like listening myself when I have started painting. Sometimes we might have head full of thoughts we overthink and overanalyse and it seems like we can´t see the right direction or decision in such mess. Life can be sending our way one challenge after another and we have no time to truly process what is happening. Painting is like brushing away all that dust with every brush line you make. With every colour and every line you create a little bit more space which allows you to see clearly. That´s where the lighter feeling comes from. Once you finish your painting you basically put some of your thoughts on the canvas even if you can´t see them there even if you were painting a tree or a landscape which are least stressful things for you in the moment. Your subconscious is processing all those thoughts through colours and shapes and making space and sense of past experiences. It is not important to see the meaning behind your painting. Important is the process itself the fact you feel better and lighter afterwards.

It can be hard to start.

Your mind might want to talk you out of doing any kind of art because ´its pointless´ ´you´re not good enough´ ´there are more important things to do then paint´ ´there´s no time´ and sometimes maybe there really are different priorities but if we feel stressed and overwhelmed this feeling is giving us heads up that we are not in balance. Any creative action can bring us back to balanced state. Paint, write, sing and you will see the world as it really is.

When you paint you´re giving permission to your mind process experiences you had in healthy creative way. You´re giving permission that your emotions can be heard and acknowledged. Especially in the world and society where demand is quite high and not everyone is built up for its pace painting or being creative in any way can help us to find balance to realise what is really important to clear our minds to hear ourselves.

What are your thoughts about painting and doing anything creative?

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Mindful Tree painting – can reveal who you are

Tree is very old symbol often chosen by artists who incorporate it in many different ideas, emotions or themes. We can find trees across the cultures symbolising strength, family, bridge in between physical and spiritual. Famous Tree of Life is well known symbol across the world. Carl Gustav Jung brings the symbolism of the tree closer trough psychological understanding. According to him tree is an image of spiritual development. As every tree is different so is every each of us. Unique. Painting tree is not only relaxing experience or artistic practise but can as well tell you something more about yourself.

When we painted actual tree in the park it became very relaxing and insightful experience. Everyone would paint their tree differently even though we might look on the very same one. Why is that?

You can look at art from very different perspective as soon we use our imagination and we are led by our subconscious. It becomes something mysterious and interesting because it becomes your very own deep expression. It becomes something personal in the most positive way.  I offer you to experience it for yourself.

Today I will give you little insight to tree symbolism.

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