Name your emotions



What comes to your mind when talking about emotions?

Usually we are aware of basic emotions such as anger, sadness, joy, disgust. Luckily nowadays there are coming into awareness anxious, depressed, powerful, scared, distant but still those are just very basic spectrum of emotions we feel. There is much more into every single basic emotion and each of them can be divided into subcategories.

Some people are labelled to be very emotional because they express their emotions in extreme way without properly communicating what they feel then others are labelled to be cold because they don´t express any.

Both cases can be ´guilty´ of not knowing what they are experiencing and not knowing how to express it in healthy way towards the outside world.


Why is it so important to name our emotions?

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Draw with eyes closed


Have you ever tried to draw with your eyes closed? Hands just dancing on the paper, picking up randomly different colours, not knowing what is going to appear on the paper.

We use our analytical mind almost every minute since morning until we are going to sleep.

´The coat she´s wearing looks nice´… ´Should I make this or that recipe?´… ´These colours together make a nice match´

Mind is talking all the time about almost everything because we can see what we are doing, select and put objects in front of our eyes into categories.

What if we try to close our eyes and just let go?

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