Do arty exercise every week and this will happen

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Art exercises…

But I am NOT artistic!

Why should I do them at all??

Last time I have mentioned that doing arty exercises can shift a little (or a lot) our perception.

The reason is that through these kind of exercises we let our right site of the brain talk. Usually the society we live in demands use of our left site of the brain, which is analytical, logical, scientific, numeric, solutions oriented, memorising and so on. The right site unless we are artistic oriented or we do something creative is often abandoned.

Peter is highly motivated analytical manager who used to be a heart of the company. Everybody found him to be very responsible and felt motivated by him.

But now everything changed.

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Name your emotions



What comes to your mind when talking about emotions?

Usually we are aware of basic emotions such as anger, sadness, joy, disgust. Luckily nowadays there are coming into awareness anxious, depressed, powerful, scared, distant but still those are just very basic spectrum of emotions we feel. There is much more into every single basic emotion and each of them can be divided into subcategories.

Some people are labelled to be very emotional because they express their emotions in extreme way without properly communicating what they feel then others are labelled to be cold because they don´t express any.

Both cases can be ´guilty´ of not knowing what they are experiencing and not knowing how to express it in healthy way towards the outside world.


Why is it so important to name our emotions?

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Simply look within

Artherapy - articles - headlines

As I mentioned last time I am bringing you another tool which can create more space for your creativity and help with ´getting to know yourself better´. This tool was created by my friend Bastian (@bearonawalk) who happens to be a great coach as well.

Nowadays there is just so much staff about self-growth and self-awareness that one doesn´t even know where to start. The only good start is from ourselves. It is simple all you need to do is become aware of yourself.

Who are you really?

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Creativity needs space

I bet you know that feeling, that need of cleaning house and space you live in to feel lighter. Even threw away some staff because the space just feels so heavy.

I personally tidy up almost always when I make conscious/subconscious change in my life. I get the need to clear the space not only from the clutter but as well get Ready for the change.

It is symbolic.

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