Your experience

(Hypnotherapy – Consistency) Bastian:

I was fortunate to work with Eva for several Sessions. I deeply enjoyed those because of the way she facilitates them. Calm, genuine, relaxed and with a lot of knowledge. During the hypnosis I was able to relax completely and reach deeper states. I was very happy to see an increase in consistency in many areas of my life after some time and that was exactly what we had worked on. I definitely look forward to get some more Sessions in the future.

(Hypnotherapy – Childbirth) Beatrice:

“I briefly explain why and how the Hypnobirthing sessions with Eva have been so useful to me, hoping someone else will benefit from a similar experience.
I was TOTALLY SCARED by the idea of giving birth, and I was looking for any ways that could help me face my fear and deal with the birth in a more positive way.
Eva arranged four sessions (one face to face and the other three on Skype) for me to try hypnobirthing. Because I had already done hypnosis with her, I found it easier to let her guide me through them.
Each session was beginning with deep relaxation; after that Eva was leading me to a safe and peaceful place for me to relax even more and by the time I was relaxed and full of joy in that comfort place, she was suggesting me reassuring birth-related images and useful ways to deal with the pain.
Our sessions have helped me feeling happy and relaxed about the idea of giving birth, considering it the natural process it is, finding a way to deal with the pain.
Here is the end of my hypnobirthing story: me and Eva met on Skype for the last session on Monday; on Tuesday I wrote a note to my daughter, telling her I was feeling ready for her arrival.
My labour started on Tuesday evening and on Wednesday morning my daughter was born.
The whole labour has been an amazing experience, and I managed to soothe and deal with the pain with deep breathing only.
I am sure my meetings with Eva have been determinant in helping me having such a memorable time as giving birth to my baby.
I will encourage every expecting mum to contact Eva and try few Hypnobirthing sessions while pregnant: it is so worth it.”

(Hypnotherapy – Childbirth) Lenka:

I have known Eva for ages and I also knew that she´s giving hypno-sessions. After I got pregnant, I was looking for any relaxation techniques that could help me to go through the process of birth giving and although hypnosis sounded a bit scary to me, I agreed to give it a chance!

We had few sessions during my last 3 months of pregnancy and step by step I was guided through the techniques of how to cope with pain. Through the visualisation and imagination my attention was brought somewhere else when the pain occurs and this at the end helped me to get over the real pain on the labour day. I was able to bring my attention somewhere else when the biggest pain arrived and thus was able to cooperate with the medical staff and do what is needed. Everything ended in successful and happy finish for us and consequently I would highly recommend these sessions to the expecting mums who are looking for the psychological preparation for the big day.